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Long Hair Creates Special Challenges In Drain Clogs

27 Sep , 2013,
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I have a younger sister with long, thick hair. Just like the Good Book hungry shark world cheats tool says, a woman’s hair is her crown, and my sister treats it like a royal jewel. She uses some of the best and most expensive hair care products, and I have to say that in spite of the cost, it is well worth it. Her hair is absolutely beautiful, and she receives compliments for it all time.

That is not to say that there are not some interesting problems because of her hair. A lot of boys call the house, and my father and mother have become diep io cheats hack much more vigilant now that she has started dating. If that was all, it would be enough, but they have had to enlist the aid of a regular plumber in Sacramento. I kid you not, his number is right there on the refrigerator along with all of the other emergency numbers. I asked my father about this when I came home for a visit, and he said that it was because of my sister’s hair. Apparently she sheds enough of it in the bath and shower that it regularly clogs the drain. They have tried all kinds of things to keep the hair from going down the drain, but to no avail. My dad said that he is excited to send her away to college, because he thinks the tuition will be less than the plumbing bills. I laughed at that, madden mobile hack cydia until I saw the glare in his eyes. I guess it is really his fault for marrying such a beautiful woman and having such a beautiful daughter.

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